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After an unfortunate water main break in the Hearnes Center this winter, the University was able to make lemonade out of the lemons it was handed with a Robbins MVP Floor System.

Wood Athletic Gym Floor

Wood Sports Floor in Volleyball Facility

It was a joint effort between Robbins Sport Surfaces & Missouri Floor Company to provide the safest & highest performing sports surface for the University.  All hands were “on deck” on the project to make sure it was performed in a professional & timely manor.  Throwing a floor replacement into a school’s schedule is never easy, let alone a multi-use facility like the Hearnes Center.  The University was professional & kept prompt attention on the project to assure we were armed with what was needed.  Overall an enjoyable success for all involved!

Blessed Sacrament

Our crews are in the finish stages of the floor at Blessed Sacrament in Morton, IL.  The floor system is a Robbins Eclipse with 3rd grade XLplus maple.  We offer sport floors throughout central and southern Illinois as well as Missouri.

Wood Sport Floor

3rd Grade Maple on Robbins Eclipse subfloor system

We will follow up with completion pics as we finish the gamelines and wrap up the project.

Mehlville High School

After replacing the floor at Oakville High School last summer Mehlville School District put out an RFP for the replacement at Mehlville High School.  Missouri Floor Company was the successful bidder and completed the project this past summer.

Wood Floor

New Wood Athletic Floor

Gym Floor

Wood Floor Replacement

Along with the improvement to the performance and safety of the floor system, the school was able to unveil a new design to the appearance.  We incorporated a black stain in with the paint for a custom layout.

If you’re dreaming of a new floor or layout to an existing, give us a call today and we will help make it a reality!

Gym Floor Renovation

Fredericktown H.S. had dreams become a reality this past summer as they converted their existing gymnasium into a beautiful new sports venue.  There is no doubt whose “house” you’re in when you play here!

Gym Floor Painting

Gym Floor Renovation Project

The original surface was installed by Missouri Floor Company years ago with our Owner actually being part of the install crew.  It goes without saying there was a lot of pride all around with a history like this!

Something to remember….

The Owner was looking for something unique that guests would remember as they enter the home.  It’s safe to say they succeeded here with the beautiful entry floor!  The custom wood design used red oak to match other wood flooring in the home and added a walnut feature strip accent.

wood flooring

Red Oak parquet wood with a Walnut feature strip

Once concern of the Owner’s was how everything would “flow” with the other wood areas.  A common stain was used to bring everything together and as a highlight, it brought out the walnut feature strip.

Everyone’s home lays different so don’t hesitate to call for us to come see what we can do in yours today!

Gym Floor Maintenance

Wood Floor

Gym Floor Maintenance

Potosi School District had us out again this summer for their annual wood floor refinishing.  Missouri Floor Co. replaced the H.S. floor in 2010 and sanded the M.S. floor in 2013.  Due to their dedication to the gym floor maintenance, the floors keep shining like new!  We appreciate the relationship and wish them the best of luck this sports season.