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City of O’Fallon Renaud Center

It was nice to see an old friend as we sanded & refinished the Gym Floor at the Renaud Center this spring.  Missouri Floor Co. installed the original Robbins Sport Surfaces floor during the building construction in 2014 & were called back to bid on the refinish work.

wood gym floor

Wood Athletic Floor in O’Fallon, MO

Thank you to the City of O’Fallon for the opportunity to perform the work in the facility!

Raiders Ready to Rock

Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff looked to make a statement with their new gym floor.  After multiple revisions & meetings, the outcome was awesome!  There will be no question the opposing teams will know where they are…

Athletic Floor Wood

Stained Wood Gym Floor

A Robbins “SB” subfloor system designed to “self block” was used due to the portable goals & heavy bleacher loads from all four sides.  The floor system has uniform performance across the surface to keep the athlete safe, but will self block itself when a heavy load is introduced.

Best of luck to the College and congrats on the new facility!


Blessed Sacrament

Our crews are in the finish stages of the floor at Blessed Sacrament in Morton, IL.  The floor system is a Robbins Eclipse with 3rd grade XLplus maple.  We offer sport floors throughout central and southern Illinois as well as Missouri.

Wood Sport Floor

3rd Grade Maple on Robbins Eclipse subfloor system

We will follow up with completion pics as we finish the gamelines and wrap up the project.

Mehlville High School

After replacing the floor at Oakville High School last summer Mehlville School District put out an RFP for the replacement at Mehlville High School.  Missouri Floor Company was the successful bidder and completed the project this past summer.

Wood Floor

New Wood Athletic Floor

Gym Floor

Wood Floor Replacement

Along with the improvement to the performance and safety of the floor system, the school was able to unveil a new design to the appearance.  We incorporated a black stain in with the paint for a custom layout.

If you’re dreaming of a new floor or layout to an existing, give us a call today and we will help make it a reality!

Multipurpose Sports Floor

St. Catherine Laboure Parish in south St. Louis, MO has been planning a gym floor renovation for a couple years now.  We were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the project this summer.  Our crews are putting the final touches on it this week.  After a few days of cure, the Owner will have full access to resume use.

Gym Floor Renovation


Robbins Pulastic

Multipurpose floor renovation in progress

In addition to the numerous safety upgrades to the surface, the cosmetic appeal here is a major improvement.  The existing VCT was slick and hard compared to modern resilient sport floors.

We offer a wide range of resilient wood and synthetic sport surfaces.  Give us a call if you have a facility in need of an upgrade or safety improvement.  We are happy to meet onsite to evaluate the current condition and discuss solutions!

YMCA Gym Floor Replacement

The #1 issue we see on wood floors, whether in your home or gymnasium, is water.  We were called out in early March when water hit the wood gym floor at the St. Charles, MO YMCA resulting in a full replacement.

Gymansium Floor Wood Athletic

Wood Gym Floor Replacement

Everyone involved acted decisively and promptly from the day of occurrence with eyes on the end goal of getting the space back in use to members.

Once given the notice to proceed, we were there within 24 hours and began coordination with Robbins Sport Surfaces for delivery of materials following removal of the floor.  Within 5 weeks the floor was removed, replaced, and finish.  It took hard work and a dedication to the goal to complete but we were proud to be a part of it.

Keeping all the YMCA facilities across the bi-state area in full operation throughout the year is no easy task.  It is simple to forget this as you grow frustrated with a piece of equipment or gymnasium being out of operation.  We all appreciate the patience members provide through unexpected repairs like this.

Wood Floors in Kitchen?

“Should we install the wood floors in the Kitchen?”  This question can leave Owners awake at night, but rest assured there is no “right” or “wrong” answer.

wood floors

Hickory Plank Wood Flooring

Often times the homes layout can help you determine the answer.  In the picture above we installed a jobsite finish hickory floor throughout an open floor plan where the Living Room flows through the Breakfast Area and into the Kitchen.  The linear pattern of the wood runs parallel with the long dimension of the space.  This provided an expanse feel with a uniform look throughout.

Our recommendation is to consider the space, use, and Owner’s wants, then make the decision.

Van Buren Bulldogs

With what might be the biggest logo on a high school floor in the state of Missouri, Van Buren wanted everyone who entered the renovated gym to know they’re back!  After suffering a devastating flood last spring, Van Buren Schools was back in action with a new wood and poured gym floor by the fall.

Wood Floor

Gym Floor Replacement

Along with the new floor, we provided the Owner with a floor cover and carpet runners for protection during games.  Missouri Floor Co. offers a full line of vinyl, carpet, & tile floor covers to protect your investment.  Please call for more info.