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Custom Residential Wood Floor

We installed white oak throughout the main floor of this residence.  Wide plank “handscraped” rift & quartersawn material was selected throughout the Great Room, Powder Room, & Office.  2016-04-16 17.06.40

Select white oak strip was installed throughout the Kitchen, Breakfast, & Dining Rooms while the Foyer was highlighted with a rift & quartersawn cut material in a “herringbone” pattern.2016-04-16 17.07.39A mild brown stain was used throughout for a uniform appearance and finished off with an oil modified polyurethane.  Due to the abundant amount of natural light entering the room, texture of the “handscraped” material, and overall use we decided on a satin sheen for the finish.

When selecting a “job finish” like this to your wood floor you have the flexibility of not only the stain color, but also the sheen of the finish product.

Eureka High School Flood

From Eureka College (Illinois) this past summer to Eureka High School (Missouri) this winter.  Many saw the effects the flood waters brought to the high school wood gym floors this past December.

The District responded within hours of the water receding and we were there when the phone rang.  Plans and action started immediately with the goal in mind of getting things back to normal for the students.  The kids being able to play a game on the new floor this season was a “long shot” at best when the wood floor was being delivered, but this past week it became a reality.  It took organization, hard work, and communication by all.  In an emotional project like this it goes beyond being another floor.  Missouri Floor Company was proud to play part in it all.  Congrats to the Girls team for breaking the floor in with a WIN!!!

We are set to finish up the wood floor in Gym B this week and will follow through with the floors in the Aerobic & Wrestling Areas in the next couple weeks.  Pictures will follow…

Eureka College

Robbins MVP Wood Floor System

Anchored Resilient Wood Floor

Missouri Floor recently finished a large Gym renovation project up at Eureka College.  The project started as a dream for the facility and evolved into a first class facility.  The project team was very involved and took the time to evaluate options based on the athlete’s safety, longevity, and overall appeal.  As you can see from the pics, the court layout was custom designed with the use of gameline paint, stain, & different maple grades.  We wish the Red Devils best of luck this season!

Wood Gym Floor

Gym Floor Renovation at Reagan Center

The picture above shows how the main court can be highlighted through the use of different grade maple and staining of areas.

A little shout out from Steve Thompson, A.D. at Eureka College.

Washington University – Varsity Gym Complete

St. Louis, MO

New Hardwood Gym Floor

As a follow up to a previous post…the new hardwood court for the Varsity Gym was completed on time!  It took a lot of coordination (and long hours) by numerous trades but the renovation looks great and will last the Owner for years to come.

wood floor

Varsity Gym Floor

This project was part of the renovation of the original Athletic Center where we installed wood & rubber sport floors back in 1983.  Check back for more pictures of Phase 2 in the Spring of 2016.

Gym Floor Maintenance

Wood Floor

Gym Floor Maintenance

Potosi School District had us out again this summer for their annual wood floor refinishing.  Missouri Floor Co. replaced the H.S. floor in 2010 and sanded the M.S. floor in 2013.  Due to their dedication to the gym floor maintenance, the floors keep shining like new!  We appreciate the relationship and wish them the best of luck this sports season.

Washington University FRA Phase 1

The beginning of the summer brought the first phase of the Wash U Fitness, Recreational, & Athletics renovation project.  Like most summer projects, there was a time crunch that required daily coordination with other trades.  Through communication and trust, we were able to deliver our portion of work a few days early to keep from having any delays.

Gym Floor Painting

Washington University Auxiliary Gym Renovation

This picture was taken during the gameline process of the floor.  I’m not sure how our guys keep from getting confused with all of the lines, but they do a great job and got it completed early!

We have enjoyed over a 30 year relationship with the University and look forward to Phase 2 starting up this spring.

Wood Floor Restoration – St. Charles, MO

In many historic renovations like this, the wood floors are as stable as they originally were and can be refinished to restore the beauty.  Not all the stress marks and dents are removed during the sanding of the wood, but they also leave a character that can’t be made in a factory.

Maple wood floor

Wood Floor Restoration

The picture shows maple wood floors restored through the sand and finish process.  This can be performed to just about all solid wood flooring in either your home or business.  Feel free to call if you have something for us to take a look at!

Gym Floor Replacement

Our crews just finished up a wood gym floor replacement at a YMCA location in Illinois.

Monroe County YMCA

Monroe County YMCA

We enjoy working for the YMCA’s due to their values and community involvement.  With the facilities remaining open during projects like this, it creates a scheduling challenge for both the Owner and Missouri Floor Company.  Strong relationships and communication help limit issues and make a pleasant project for all, especially the end user.

Private Residence

Just prior to listing this Town & County home, the Owner had Missouri Floor come in to install oak strip flooring throughout the Dining Room.  We sanded & finished the adjoining wood floors to help blend with the new and recoated other areas in the home to “spruce” things up before the sale!

DSC_0921 DSC_0927If you’re getting ready to list your home and are looking for a quick way to restore the luster to your wood floors, recoating or sanding can be a quick fix!  Give us a call and we will be happy to help! (314)432-2260